Maureen McElaney

Maureen McElaney

Technologist, Speaker, Community Organizer

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I am a Developer Advocate, specializing in cloud database technology, developer productivity, and community organizing. I love testing software and collaborating with different stakeholders to build requirements. Check me out on LinkedIn to see more about my work history.

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My Community Work

I founded Girl Develop It Burlington in 2013, and worked with my co-leader to manage a volunteer team focused on providing learning and community resources to women who want to learn how to code.
I am an Executive Fellow for BTV Ignite.
I've co-organized quite a few tech conferences and have spoken at conferences around the world.


My Blog

My love affair with writing began in Ms. Cardomom's class in 6th grade. In my Blog you'll find things that interest me about technology, musings from my personal experiences, and rantings about society at large. I'm interested in learning more about how to fight for those who don't have a voice, supporting underserved communities, and chronicling my adventures living in the frosty North.

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